Birgit Sauerzopf

Since a couple of years I am the chairperson of the staff council of the Austrian central bank. Last year I was elected as chairperson of the central staff council. This means that I am in charge of personal matters for around 1300 employees. According to the central bank act I have a seat at the supervisory board of the Austrian Central Bank. For these reasons the Austrian labour law gives me a strong protection. Furthermore this status means that I am not bound by any instructions of the employer. Besides I work as a lay judge at the Austrian court on employment law issues.


Over the years I realized the importance on the one hand of social partnership and on the other hand of representing strongly the interests of the employees. In this respect I appreciate the support of our Union (GPA – Gewerkschaft der Privatangestellten) for providing us permanently with relevant information like law changes and for judicial representation in case it is necessary. In the Austrian union excellent labour law experts stand by us with advice and assistance.


As regards my aims I attach importance to equal treatment, promoting women, health issues and compatibility of professional and private life.

Due to the change in the world of work (key word: digitalization) I emphasize the importance of good education and knowledge management for the staff and especially for the members of the staff council. I am always available for advice to my colleagues and for their protection.

  • At Oesterreichische Nationalbank since 1993

  • Chair of the Central Bank Staff Council

  • Oesterreichische Nationalbank 

  • Elected member of SCECBU 2018-2020

+43 676 502 3235

Oesterreichische Nationalbank 

Otto-Wagner Platz 3 - 1090 Vienna - Austria