News from

Banca d'Italia and

Banco de España

From Banca d'Italia:

Today there is an Executive Board at the ECB. The Governor of Banca d’Italia will intervene in videoconference, and I think he will not be the only one.

What I want to share with you, today, is the responsible and very constructive dialogue with the Bank about this problem. The Board participates in the meetings (you know that it never happens in Banca d’Italia) and every day all the colleagues are informed via email or via the website (usind a dedicated access).

Raoul Barone - Falbi Banca d'Italia - Elected member of the Executive Bureau of SCECBU

From Banco de España:

Banco de España has started to send people with laptop to home for teleworking, and peolpe are asked to stay at home but ready to present themselves at the Bank only in emergency cases.

This measure implies almost 2200 employees on teleworking and around 400 at BdE buildings ( including branches) and the rest up to 3.300 (Number of employees) stay at home for the next 15 days.

We also have a dedicate space in our intranet for Covid 19 (news, health measures..)

Fernando Garces - SAT-BE  Banco de España - Vice-President the Executive Bureau of SCECBU