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First ECB Listens meeting


The ECB launched a strategy review in January 2020. The aim is to make sure our monetary policy strategy is fit for purpose, both today and in the future.

The strategy review covers all aspects of our monetary policy, within the framework of the ESCB mandate which is to maintain price stability. The review will be based on thorough analysis and take an open-minded approach.

As part of the strategy review, the ECB wants to hear opinions from across Europe, including those from citizens, academics, Members of the European Parliament and civil society organisations.

How is the ECB carrying out the review?

The information they gather at the listening events, the ideas you submit and the work carried out by central bank members of staff will feed into the Governing Council’s deliberations.


The President of SCECBU is invited personnally to attend and to debrief during the 1st "ECB Listens" meeting soon. That is why the Executive Bureau decided to creat a working group called ECB listens wg.

This working group have to work in preparation of the ECB Listens meetings. It must be also the occasion to launch different calls to the SCECBU trade union affiliates to prepare their contribution to the various topics for which the ECB ask for an opinion.

Soon, more details on that new working group (agenda, Listens position summary, contributions !)