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Elizabeth Barreiros

I joined the Banco de Portugal (BdP) in July 1982 and after a few years I got in contact with the work done by my trade union (SBSI) through the colleagues that had been elected for the TU secretariat inside the BdP at the time. I begun helping them with the european contacts  and documentation and then I took interest in their actions, most especially those linked with the Standing Committee. In the meantime, Frans Vanderschelde and, later, Alain Descamps, then Thierry, invited me to collaborate with the SCECBU for all that was communication. Nevertheless, I only got my first mandate as elected member of SCECBU in 2012, one year after I was elected member of the TU secretariat inside the Banco de Portugal and after having collaborated actively with the SCECBU for many years.

I have since then continued my work in the communication (presently coordinator of the Communication WG), where I produced the first SCECBU website and, later, managed the other versions that followed. I have also taken care of many written communication with SCECBU member trade unions.

I have attended the ESCB social dialogue meetings in Frankfurt since 2011.

  • At Banco de Portugal since 1982

  • Elected member of SBSI Banco de Portugal in 2011

  • Elected member of SCECBU 2012-2015   2015-2020

+351 967 468 966

Banco de Portugal

Av. Almirante Reis 71, 1150-015 Lisboa - Portugal