Karina Callens

I Started to work at the National Bank of Belgium in March 1986.

Already during my first years at the NBB, I got in contact with the BBTK-SETCa and I took interest in their actions and achievements. During the first years I didn’t want to be a candidate for the union, because I was afraid that it would be incompatible with my fulltime job and my two young children. In 1995, I accepted to be a candidate on the list of BBTK-SETCa for the Health and safety Committee. Although I didn’t get elected that first time, it was the start of a strong commitment to the trade union. I started following union trainings. In no time, I evolved from being a trainee, to being an animator, coaching my colleagues during the trainings. In this group of animators, I got in contact with other women who were very active on the gender issue. I have been member of the women’s committee ever since.

At the end of the nineties, I got my first mandate in the Health and Safety Committee. I kept it until 2004, when I became member of the Works Council and started participating in negotiations. Since 2012, I am member of both the Health and Safety Committee and the Works Council.

In 2009, I became president of the BBTK-SETCa at the NBB. I have kept this mandate until the end of 2019.

I have been participating actively in the SCECBU since 2001 and in 2010, I got elected as Bureau member, in 2015 as vice-president. In the Bureau I have focused on wellbeing and diversity. As vice-president, I also worked closely together with Thierry Desanois and Fernando Garces for the preparation of the ESCB Social Dialogue Meetings.

  • At Nationale Bank van België since 1986

  • President of BBTK-SETCa Nationale Bank van België

  • Elected member of SCECBU 2010-2015

  • Vice-President of SCECBU 2015-2020

+32 2 221 21 81

Nationale Bank van België

14 Boulevard de Berlaimont - B 1000 Bruxelles