JorgovankaTabakovicGovernor NBS

Blazo Knezevic

President of ITU-NBS

Why does Tabakovic refuse to meet with the President of SCEBCU? The governor under pressure in his country for his opaque management of the national bank of serbia is afraid of confronting the representatives of the European staff. We really think so as Mrs Tabakovic tries to destroy the only union (ITU-NBS) whose union struggle cannot be doubted. ITU-NBS is chaired by Blazo Knezevic and his team. Since 2016, Mrs Tabakovic has been trying to set up a pseudo union which she promotes herself through her chief of staff, Mr. Lacarac. Surprising, isn't it? The leaders at the head of this pseudo union are political "friends" of Mrs Tabakovic.
For more than 2 years, ITU-NBS has been fighting courageously against intimidations by the government of the Central Bank.

The President of SCECBU went to Belgrade to meet the Governor on the one hand, and our comrade Blazo Knezevic on the other, in order to better understand the difficult situation in which the Bank staff find themselves. Thierry Desanois and Blazo Knezevic were denied access to the Central Bank by Mrs Tabakovic under false pretenses.

Since 2016, the National Bank of Serbia has refused social dialogue with the ITU-NBS and also to meet Blazo Knezevic and any possibility of establishing a collective agreement. Mrs. Tabakovic wants to impose her union and thus put into practice the backward-looking policy of the political party of Milosevic, of which at the time she was minister. Since 2016, the government of the National Bank of Serbia has been trying to promote its so called trade union close to the SCECBU. Of course, the SCECBU remains committed to Blazo Knezevic and his team to make clear this totalitarian management.

Serbia is knocking on the door of the EU. Political leaders of Serbian institutions, such as the National Bank of Serbia, will have to learn that true staff representation comes from the ranks of democratically elected staff. The SCEBCU will remain alongside ITU-NBS and Blazo Knezevic to defend the fundamental rights of staff representatives democratically elected by their peers.

The evolution of what's happening within National Bank of Serbia will be reported by the President of SCECBU to the Board of the ECB.

Democracy and transparency should win at the end!