News about SCECBU's works and the future meetings


Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,


I hope that this message will find you all in good health.


The Covid 19 outbreak has definitely disrupted our social and professional life.


At European trade union level, spite the confinement imposed by the governments, the Executive Bureau of SCECBU has, nevertheless, continued to be mobilized, in order to keep everyone united. So, every week, on Friday evening at 18:00, the members of the EB meet on skype to exchange on the situations in our respective countries but above all to try to relaunch the different working groups, such as IT wg, SSM wg, Social Benefits wg, Diversity wg, Banknotes wg amd Communication wg.


Indeed, in these times of containment and slowing economy, it is important for us to realize how national central banks are coping with their staff. We also want to share together the different experiences put in place by central banks following the current pandemic and so, in the coming days, you will receive different sets of surveys developed by SCECBU working groups with simple questions which I ask you to answer.


As you know our Congress is supposed to take place at the end of the year but most of you are wondering if we will be able to meet in September in Cyprus. The true is that nothing is certain nowadays and the dates planned for the Congress (September 15-16), as well as for the YUS Seminar (September 14) are  strongly threatened by the current situation. That is why we have decided, together with Prodromos Charalambous, our host in charge of organising the Congress in Cyprus,  to keep in touch in the next few days on a regular basis in order to be able to fix a date, which may be postponed either to October or Spring 2021.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank to ETYK and Prodromos for their solidarity and their availability for finding a more suitable date for our congress. I am well aware that if the organisation of the Congress had been given to a private company, managing this crisis would be more difficult for us. Therefore many thanks to our Cypriot colleagues.


The word "extraordinary" is often misinterpreted.  The current period we are living is extraordinary. There is of course the pain of those who have lost a loved one, of those who feel completely isolated or those who have lost their jobs. We are told that the tomorrow will no more be like yesterday but  we need to take a positive lesson of all this. There have never been so many requests to carers, cashiers, hauliers, garbage collectors, these "small jobs" that are today the most active in the world for our well-being. On the other hand, public service has never been so important. Trade unions have denounced for years and years the dismantling of public service networks. The world of tomorrow must rather put the human being back in the heart than economy. I am convinced that this is an opportunity for all our trade unions and the SCECBU.


I hope to meet all you as soon as possible to celebrate the end of the most threatened crisis for humanity!


Thierry Desanois,

President of SCECBU