Solidarity with Italy

Italy, its citizens and our colleagues of Banca d'Italia are being hit by a serious crisis due to COVID-19 that has paralysed the country. Almost of the staff is confined at home. There are serious situations and others are unfortunately coming. The SCECBU would like to address a message of support to all the colleagues and trade unions of Banca d'Italia: our thoughts go to their families and friends. In Europe, as in the entire world, this crisis will still go on. The time is for solidarity and support. We must stay vigilant.


Then will come the time of reconstruction, the wind of change, because nothing will ever be the same again.  Unionism (which may appear today for some of our colleagues  as "has been" ), more than ever must hold an important place in society and the social and economic life of tomorrow.

Together, we will be stronger! Courage, our energy is yours!