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Pavlos Theotokatos

I was elected for the first time as a member of the Executive Bureau of SCECBU during the Executive Committee of 2018, held in Porto in September. I had already attended ESCB Social Dialogue meetings and SCECBU Executive Committees since 2013. I also had a key role in the organization of the 2016 Executive Committee that was hosted in Rhodos, Greece. Since April 2014 I was nominated as Coordinator of the IT workgroup, as subgroup of the TMF workgroup of SCECBU.

I started working at the Bank of Greece in 1995 as an IT specialist and by 2008 I was Deputy Head of Section for the Strategic Planning and Information Systems Evaluation of the Informatics Department.

I was elected in the Governing Council of SYTE, the Bank of Greece’s Employees Union which represents more than 98% of the bank’s employees, in 2011, where I took the seat of 2nd Vice President. In 2013 I was elected Vice President and in 2014 I was elected General Secretary, a seat I hold until now.

During my term as General Secretary of SYTE I had the opportunity to negotiate successfully together with the President two collective agreements in very difficult circumstances, as the financial crisis was at its peak in Greece during that period. I have also participated in the negotiation of many other minor agreements.

As a coordinator of SCECBU’s IT workgroup I have coordinated all the group’s meetings (2017 in Athens and 2018 in Madrid), a major survey on the working conditions of IT staff in the ESCB conducted between April and July 2018, which was presented in the Executive Committee of Porto in September 2018 and also in the two ESCB Social Dialogue meetings of 2018 in Frankfurt.

As a member of SCECBU’s Executive Bureau I have participated in all but one Bureau’s meetings and have contributed to various activities and documents, including the latest version of the Memorandum on Social Aspects.

  • At Bank of Greece since 1995

  • General Secretary of SYTE

  • Elected member of SCECBU 2018-2020

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