Communication Plan

As a 1st stage of the communication strategy it was decided and agreed by all SCECBU members the production of a short video (maximum 2m) with a very brief personal presentation by a young worker and his/her ideas on what he/she thinks about the trade unionism as it is today and what TU of tomorrow should bring. How do he/she sees a social dialogue within his/her central bank?

The best original video supported by each Trade Union will receive a reward, i.e., the winner TU may bring 1 young participant in the seminar for free (expenses by SCECBU).

Come and join us in this project. With YOU we will be able to add value to your/our work in further building the trade union movement in the future.

Come and join us in the YUS* 2022 Challenge! * Young Unionists Seminar

The SCECBU received a mandate to sponsoring a Seminar for Young Trade Unionists with focus on ESCB trade union youth. The aim is to collect best practices from all over EU Member States on how to mobilize and organize young workers.

YUS 2021 Challenge will give SCECBU members the opportunity to attend the seminar that will bring together young central bank employees in order to debate the future of trade unionism.

This seminar will take place on Spring 2022 in Cyprus and will be co-organised with ETYK and our friend Prodromos CHARAMBOULOS. Each TU may invite 1 young member and 1 senior member to participate in this seminar.


2021: And What Now?